Heating technology


Heating technology

We offer individual heating solutions for our customers which can be combined with standard radiators or underfloor heating.

Together we plan the optimal heating solution according to your wishes and local conditions. We offer a choice of different well-known manufactures. Our team of experts will be happy to meet all your needs.

The heating systems can also be additionally connected with the solar flat collectors on your roof. The hot water produced by solar unit panels could be used for your domestic needs as well as for underfloor heating.

We also do the planning and installation of gas heating systems with natural or liquid gas.

Another cost-effective heating option could be the air-water heating pump system. They can be integrated very well into an already existing heating system. It serves as an energy supplier for heating purposes and hot water production. High-temperature heat pumps can be connected to standard radiators and are particularly suitable for old buildings and commercial properties. Low-temperature heat pumps are connected with low-temperature radiators, heat pump convectors and floor heating, and are suitable in new and old buildings.

Please make sure to check for subsidies avalaible in your region!

Air purification devices with HEPA filter

Air purification devices filter viruses and pollutants out of the air. They increase the air quality and are recommended for people suffering from allergies and asthma.

Professional mobile air purifiers are also suitable for restaurants, medical practices, retail, open-plan offices, classrooms & more.

According to the EN 1822 standard, there are three main categories of filters or classes, including EPA, HEPA, and ULPA filters. As ULPA is generally only used in hospitals or medical labs. HEPA is second most effective incapturing 99.9% of the particles (MPPS) that are between 0.12 and 0.25 microns in size. HEPA is widely used for households, offices, Kindergarden, Restaurants, Schools etc,.

Please be aware that the higher end split air conditioners already have HEPA air filter build in.

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